Who We Are

The Financial Services Consulting Group (TFSCG) is a management consulting firm focused on managing strategic change for its clients. We specialize in supporting organizations through the transition associated with mergers, acquisitions and new business growth in both international and domestic markets. Whether leading the global expansion of the world's largest financial services institutions, to managing overseas acquisitions for professional services firms, our extensive range of services and experience combines both the depth of consulting expertise and a broad network of professional advisors required for successfully managing strategic business change.

We partner with our clients from inception through to completion -- providing a powerful combination of business change management experience and industry-specific knowledge. Our services and solutions range from management consultancy services through to fully staffed project solutions, leveraging our expansive domestic and international partner presence. Additionally, we offer managed service solutions for ongoing support.

Our commitment to you is simple
Provide the services and solutions you need to help you successfully manage change within your business.